Firecore Pty Ltd is the only one company to supply the world renown: TVC-Core - Fire resistance core board in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Equiped with the latest technology and advanced manufacturing process, Firecore Pty Ltd is capable of manufacturing TVC-Core that is fire resistant, of high insulation, acoustic and safe to our environment (asbestos free).

TVC-Core Factory A
TVC-Core Factory B

TVC-Core is extremely fire resistant and durable. Under the temperature of around 1200 degree Celsius, TVC-Core does not produce any poisonous or heath threatening substances, making it a great natural "green" material for making firedoors. TVC-Core firedoors are widely used in residential units, hotels, shopping centres, and many other commercial public buildings. TVC-Core firedoors are used in Beijing Eastern Square, Beijing Hotel, Hong Kong Airport and so on. TVC-Core is also specially designed for use as fire resistant and insulating material on rockets and spacecrafts.

Beijing Eastern Square
Beijing Hotel
Hong Kong Airport
Shen Zhou V Spacecraft

Firecore Pty Ltd enforces strict quality control on all its products. Over the years, Firecore Pty Ltd has earned customers' loyalty and trust with its honesty, best quality and great customer support.


Firecore Pty Ltd not only has a very strong business foundation in Australia, but also cares about our world by insisting on environmental friendly "green" products.

Adam Zhang, managing director of Firecore Pty Ltd, makes great effort to ensure the best quality of products.

Firecore Pty Ltd is looking forward to cooperating with its clients to build an ongoing fruitful success.

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